Scottish regiments returning from service in Ireland brought the first Orange Lodge to Scotland in 1798 with warrants granted by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. The first civilian lodge was set up in Maybole, Ayrshire in 1808 and a Grand Lodge was set up in Britain which issued its own warrants and its first Grand Master in 1821 was the Duke of York. The second being the Duke of Cumberland
In 1824 L.O.L. 19 was established in Airdrie under the British Grand Lodge.
When the Grand Secretary Colonel Fairman with other gentlemen visited Airdrie in 1833 their carriages were met a mile from town by a procession of Orangemen with banners and a band to parade into the town which was thronged with people.
Two years later when the Orangemen of the town paraded in the streets to celebrate the Twelfth they were met by a party of ribbon men (members of a Roman Catholic organization) most of whom came from Glasgow. The Orangemen returned to their Lodge whilst Police and towns people dealt with the ribbon men.
When the Grand Lodge was set up in 1836 Airdrie was given the honour of being granted its first District warrant hence District No 1 and of its new Lodge warrants No 1 Moodiesburn, No 2 Chryston, No 6 Drumgelloch, No 8 Gartsherrie and No 9 Shotts. It still retains the number of two of the Lodges that existed prior to 1836 namely L.O.L. 19 & L.O.L. 6.

The first united July Demonstration of Lodges was held in Airdrie District territory of Moodiesburn on 12th July 1857 led by Dr. Clements Deputy Grand Master.
Important years in the history of Airdrie District No 1 include 1891, when Bro. Colonel Sanderson MP opened the Orange Hall in Greengairs and then traveled to Airdrie to lay the foundation stone of the Orange Halls in Baillies Lane, which opened later that year. On the 100th Anniversary of the foundation being laid, Thursday the 13th June 1991 the R.W.D.M. Bro. Parks unveiled a Plaque to commemorate this event. Monklands District Council afforded a Civic Reception to Airdrie District LOL 1 to mark the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Orange Order.
The District Lodge celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 1986 and after various functions the R.W.D.M. Bro. A. Blaney unveiled a Plaque to commemorate their Anniversary. The present Worthy District Master is Brother Edward Nelson of L.O.L 6.



1836 - 1859 T. Aitcheson

1859 - 1862 George M'Kee L.O.L. 6
1862 - 1867 J. Campbell

1867 - 1870 J. Miller
1870 - 1875 F. M'Cartney L.O.L. 181( Calvin )

1875 - 1880 A. Wilson L.O.L. 6
1880 - 1882 F. M'Cartney L.O.L. 181( Calvin )

1882 - 1888 A. Wilson L.O.L. 6
1888 - 1891 J. Parks L.O.L. 6

1891 - 1893 T. Arthur L.O.L. 6
1893 - 1894 G. Aitken( Captain )

1894 - 1897( Provost ) G. Arthur L.O.L. 6
1897 - 1899 G. Aitken(Ex Provost )

1899 - 1901 Rev. W.O. Duncan L.O.L. 6
1901 - 1902 A. Stewart L.O.L. 229

1902 - 1906 Rev. W.O. Duncan L.O.L. 6
1906 - 1909 A. Stewart L.O.L. 229

1909 - 1912 W. Cupples L.O.L. 125
1912 - 1913 W. Jennings L.O.L. 181( Youngs )

1913 - 1915 J. Baxter L.O.L. 19
1915 - 1926 G. Pritchard L.O.L. 181

1926 - 1930 C. Martin L.O.L. 19
1930 - 1932 S. Blair L.O.L. 181

1932 - 1934 H Moore L.O.L. 6
1934 -1936 J. Armstrong L.O.L. 19

1936 - 1938 J. Carswell L.O.L. 125
1938 - 1940 J. Black L.O.L. 6

1940 - 1942 J. McRae L.O.L. 19
1942 - 1944 A. Barclay L.O.L. 181

1944 - 1951 H. Moore L.O.L. 6
1951 - 1954 J. Blair L.O.L. 269

1954 - 1956 H. Moore L.O.L. 6
1956 - 1959 W. McMaster L.O.L. 181

1959 - 1962 T. Kane L.O.L. 70
1962 - 1965 N. Hazlie L.O.L. 181

1965 - 1968 N. Blaney L.O.L. 269
1968 - 1971 M. Blair L.O.L. 6

1971 - 1973 J. Love L.O.L. 125
1973 - 1977 P. Downie L.O.L. 275

1977 - 1980 J. Hendrie L.O.L. 125
1980 - 1983 P. M'Cue L.O.L. 276

1983 - 1986 A Blaney L.O.L. 269
1986 - 1988 R. Locke L.O.L. 269

1988 - 1991 R. Parks L.O.L. 269
1991 - 1994 J.Hannah L.O.L. 277

1994 - 1997 D. M'Glade L.O.L. 125
1997 - 2000 W. Laing L.O.L. 70

2000 - 2003 I.McNeil L.O.L 275

2003 - 2006 P.Markie L.O.L.125

2006 E.Nelson L.O.L.6


This Lodge was one of six warrants issued by the newly formed Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland in the year 1836,the six Warrants were the first to form an Orange District, these being the founder members of District No 1.
The Lodge has been operating ever since within District No 1 with the exception of 2 to 3 years when they were members of Slamannan District.
The Lodge used to hold their meetings in what is now known as the Drumgelloch Bar and it is from these premises that they erect their arch every year for the Boyne Celebrations Parade.
The lodge have their own burial lair which is situated in Clarkston Churchyard.
During their existence No 6 have had a long list of prominent brethren in their ranks and have kept the seed of Orangeism alive in Clarkston from the year 1836.


The first Orange Lodge in Scotland opened in 1798 under the Grand Orange lodge of Ireland, was Maybole County of Ayr. Gradually the order spread throughout the Country and by 1813 it had reached Lanarkshire.
In June of that year, there was installed in Glasgow L.O.L. 106, the warrant was granted by the Orange Institute of Great Britain which was the governing body for the Lodges in England and Scotland at that time
In 1820 the Duke of York was elected Grand Master for Great Britain and the Lodges in Scotland were recognized by the election of the Duke of Gordon as Depute Grand Master.
The Duke of York held office until 1827 and during his term many more lodges were installed amongst them being L.O.L. No 19 Airdrie, this lodge was instituted arround 1824.
In 1827 the Duke of York was succeeded as Grandmaster by the Duke of Cumberland who held office until 1836.
During 1836 the Order was reorganized and the Lodges of Scotland formed their own Grand Lodge assuming the name Grand Lodge of the Orange Association of Scotland.
The Earl of Enniskillen, a loyal Ulsterman was elected the first Grand Master and Brother Dr. Clements Depute Grand Master.
L.O.L. 19 celebrated their 170th Anniversary with a dance and parade on the 21st May 1994 and received congratulations from various quarters for having achieved 170 years service to the Order.


LOL 70 held their inaugural meeting in Airdrie Orange hall on 6th March 1950. The lodge meetings were later held in Caldercruix masonic hall before moving to Gowanbrae Orange hall Caldercruix where the lodge continue to meet. LOL 70 were amongst the first Airdrie lodges to invite an Ulster band to lead their lodge in Scotland when they were accompanied by Dunloy flute band.


Airdrie Victoria L.O.L. 125 became part of Airdrie District No 1 in 1875 the Worthy Master being Bro. John Keyes, but recent studies now show that they were functioning in 1868 and further research will probably reveal an even later date.
At that time the Lodge held their meetings on a Saturday night, this was to allow shift workers who worked long hours through the week to attend their meetings, in general the Lodge has always pursued this practice as even today their meeting is the first Saturday of every month.
The Lodge held their meetings at 110 Graham Street until they moved into the new Orange Halls, Baillies Lane in 1981 where they still operate, apart from the years of the second world war, when some of the older Brothers kept the Lodge going in their various homes.


LOL 181 were constituted in February 1907 in the Coatdyke area of Airdrie. Prior to the formation of William Young memorial warrant 181 had been held by Airdrie Calvin in 1843 and Glengowan lodge who held the warrant from 1896 until 1905. The lodge originally met in Kippen Street Airdrie before moving to Southburn Road where they secured premises assisted by a loan of £20 from the District lodge. The lodge continue to meet at Coatdyke church on the morning of the Boyne Celebrations for a short religious service prior to joining the District morning parade.


Early records state that in 1861 an Orange Ball was held in St.Lawrence Hotel and in 1870 a July Demonstration took place there with members from other Districts attending.
In 1880 Bro. Hugh Bingham who was the District Master of No 32 and his committee purchased the old School for their meeting place at a cost of £300.
In 1881 when the hall was opened a parade was held in Slammanan with members from Airdrie, Greengairs, Longriggend, Falkirk and Boness arriving by train. The Orangemen paraded to the new hall where the opening ceremony was performed by Bro. Charles L. Paton from Edinburgh who was at that time the Grand Master of Scotland.
By 1909 the Lodged ceased to function and No 32 District Slammanan Orange Hall became the property of L.O.L. 20 operating under 22 District Coatbridge.
L.O.L.227 was reformed in 1936 and again in September 1962 with the late Bro. Thomas Kane who was the Worthy District Master of District 1 performing the opening ceremony.
The Lodge currently meets in Slammanan church hall.


The warrant for L.O.L. 269 was first issued to a Lodge in Stevenston then transferred to District 14 for a Lodge in Dalry and then onto District 9 to a Lodge in Irvine where it remained until 1894 when it became dormant.
In 1920 it was restored to Calderbank and transferred to Airdrie in 1921 under the Worthy Master Bro. Robert Wright. Since that time 269 has supplied 5 District Masters.
The Lodge was formed by members of Calderbank Church folk and the seal bears the profile of the Church.


Greengairs Purple Sprigs was founded in 1876 and were originally members of Slamanan District lodge. At this time there was another lodge in the village LOL 199 who met in Murrays hall although LOL 275 is the only one remaining. The lodge were honoured in 1891 when the Most Worthy Grand Master of Scotland Colonel Saunderson attended the village to open the Greengairs Orange Hall.The lodge are listed in Airdrie District from 1892 and formally transferred into Airdrie in 1898. In 1969 the Orange hall fell into disrepair and the lodge meetings were held in the village welfare hall whilst members begun the task of building the new Orange hall and social club on a piece of land adjacent to the old hall in Greengairs Road. The new hall was opened on the 4th of July 1973. The lodge and its members play an active part in their community contributing over £5000 to assist with the cost of the new Greengairs Parish Church. The Greengairs Orange hall hosts an annual christmas fare with proceeds presented to the church. Several lodge members are office bearers and elders in Greengairs parish church. The lodge also have members who serve their village on the local community council and school board ensuring a continuing orange presence in the village affairs.


This Lodge was formed on Saturday 22nd June 1974 with Bro. Peter McCue becoming the first Worthy Master.
On the 14th April 1979 they opened their own Orange Halls and has since become an integral part of the Village of Glenmavis where its members take an active part in the Village functions and in fact the Orange Hall is widely used by the local Community for various village activities.
On Saturday 6th June 1995 L.O.L. 276, L.O.L.261 & J.L.O.L. 149 Unfurled and Dedicated 3 new Banners before displaying them with a Parade around the Village. The grounds of Glenmavis Orange hall was the venue for the village street party to mark the Queens golden jubilee with over 600 people taking part. The lodge have an association with Portadown Defenders flute band which has continued for over 25 years.


This is the youngest lodge in Airdrie being formed on 27th October 1984. Lodge meetings are held in Airdrie Orange hall where you will be warmly welcomed by the Gartlea brethren.


This was the first Ladies Lodge to be opened in Airdrie on 21st January 1911 with Sister E.Pritchard being elected as the first Worthy Mistress and whose first task was to oversee the Initiation of 20 New Members on that auspicious occasion.
Over the years a close association has been formed between themselves and L.O.L. 181. The Ladies Lodge always Demonstrate from Coatdyke and they still run Social Nights and dances together. In August 1985 the lodge had the honour of welcoming the Imperial Grand Master Brother Gowans from Australia accompanied by Brother Mangus Bain the Scottish Grand Master and Brother Alex Blaney the Worthy District Master.


The lodge opened in Greengairs Orange hall on 4th October 1952 and are the second ladies lodge to operate in the village.The first Worthy Mistress of the lodge was Sister Elizabeth Caine who is still a member of the lodge today. The lodge are active in village affairs providing their community with members of their community council and church.


Permission was granted at a District meeting on the 15th of August 1921, for a new lady's lodge to open, under the above name. They stated they had 11 transfers from L.L.O.L.23, and 30 candidates awaiting to join. They were issued with warrant 74, and the lodge opened on the 1st of october 1921. This is the only lodge in the district to date, to have produced a Grand Mistress, this being the late sister Thompson. The lodge unfurled their new banner on the 18th of October 1991. It was unfurled by the two oldest serving sisters who were Sister Dicker and Sister Muir. Sadly both sisters have passed away. During the Second World War, the Sisters ran a Comforts Fund, to assist the Brethren who were serving with the armed Forces. It was reported at a District meeting that the Sisters had sent a pair of socks and 7/6d to 30 members. They also held a Street Collection, and collected £60 for the Prisoners Of War. During these years the Lodge met in several different premises. These were the Shepherds Hall, the Painters Hall, and the Masonic Temple.
In 1951 the lodge returned 290 members at the Election meeting. For many years the lodge joined with L.O.L.6 and ran Orange Balls in the Town Hall. This was always a highlight in the Lodge calendar.
On the morning of the Demonstration both Drumgelloch lodges parade to Clarkston Churchyard, where LOL 6 lay a wreath at the lodges' Burial Lair. In the grave are the remains of one Sister from lodge 74, whose husband was granted permission to inter his wife there.


The warrant for this Lodge was issued by Grand Lodge on the 4th of November, 1950, and their Inaugural meeting was held in the Orange Hall on the 30th of December.
When the lodge opened they had twenty three members, and the first Worthy Mistress was Sister Jeannie Anderson. Among the fifty two visitors present at their opening were, :-- Seven District Officials, Six Past Grand Mistresses, Fourteen members from L.L.O.L.74, and the rest came from various other lodges including Shettleston, and Holytown. Brother Hugh Moore was the District Master who officiated at the opening.
Sister Anderson was re-elected the following year, and the Lodge returned thirty four members. An increase of eleven in their first year.


This is the third Female Lodge to have operated in the Caldercruix / Glengowan area. The first one received warrant No24 and was one of the first two Female lodges to operate in Airdrie District. They were installed along with L.L.O.L.23, in 1911.
The second lodge opened in May, 1922, and worked under warrant No 90, but only lasted for three years.
The present lodge was opened on the 19th of May 1951, with the Sisters of L.L.O.L.74 conducting the meeting.
The first Worthy Mistress to be elected was late Sister Isabella Black, whose family are still connected to the lodge. The meetings are still being held in Gowanbrae, the same premises where the lodge was opened.
Although the lodge is small in numbers, the sisters are well known for working for what they want,- and getting it.
The lodge meets on the second Wednesday of the month, and a warm welcome is assured to all visiting brothers and sisters.


This is the youngest Female lodge in Airdrie District, having been opened on the 27th of June, 1979, by the District Master, Brother John Hendrie.
The lodge started with eleven members, and the first Demonstration they attended was held in Holytown and Newarthill District.
Immediately after the Demonstration the sisters decided to purchase a banner, and agreed it would have a portrait of the late Sister McGuiness on it. The banner was unfurled on the 20th of June 1980, in Glenmavis Orange Hall.
The lodge received the Rose Bowl for the highest increase of members in 1985.
In the District Lodges' 150th Anniversary year (1986) ten certificated lecturers were members of the lodge. The lodge looks forward with confidence, and hope for many more happy years in Airdrie District.